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Ice Cream Menus: Gelato

Ice Cream Menus guides.

Ice Cream - japanIce Cream Menus: Gelato
It carries the list of a single cup showcase.

Ice cream menu: Guide of gelato and sherbet.

Ice Cream gelato sherbet's menu changes by a season and weather.
Images, Photos come by enlarged indication. I add the menu sequentially.

Fresh milk ( Pasteurized milk )

Popular item of Pocoapoco.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Fresh milk: Popular item

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Popular Fresh milk


The flavor which is fragrant with black sesame.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Black Sesame

Italian Coffee

We use ingredient from Italy.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Italian Coffee: Italy

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Ingredient Italy: Italian Coffee

Naruto kintoki

Flavor like a sweet potato.

Chocolate marble

We use ingredient from Italy, It's moderate in sweetnes and popular among children.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Chocolate marble: Italy

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Ingredient Italy: Chocolate marble

Cream cheese

It is smooth and popular with the people who are weak in cheese.


The tropical Flavor.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Mango: Tropical Flavor

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Tropical Mango

Green tea

The elegant flavor produced in Uji.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Uji Green tea

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Green tea

Banana chocolate

The whole gelato is mixed by chocolate tip, which has crisp gives us pleasure.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Banana chocolate


It's soft and it has flaver of grated apple.

Fruit yogur taste

It uses an Italian cooking ingredient.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Fruit yogurt: Italian cooking ingredient

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Italian cooking ingredient: Fruit yogurt

Soybean flour

Aromatic flavor and elegant taste.


We use ingredient from Italy. For the wide layer from infants to an elderly people.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Caramel: Ingredient Italy

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Ingredient Italy: Caramel


Sweetness of a pumpkin. It is popular among children who are vegetablesphobia.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Sweetness Pumpkin

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Pumpkin

Italian chocolate

We use ingredient from Italy.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Italian chocolate: Ingredient Italy


Light flavor.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Citron: Light flavor

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Light flavor: Citron

Fermented soybeans

Suppressed odor for even the person who doesn't like Fermented soybeans makes it easy to eat.

Fermented soybeans

Suppressed odor for even the person who doesn't like Fermented soybeans makes it easy to eat.


The tropics flavor.

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - AppleMango: Ttropics flavor

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Ttropics flavor: AppleMango



Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Plain Calpisn

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Calpis

Various sherbet


Sherbet/ Peach

Popularity is a flavor of peaches. ( About Aug. )

Ice Cream Menus | Sherbet - Flavor Peach

Ice Cream Menus | Sherbet - Peach

Sherbet/ Grapefruit

Sour-sweetness of citrus fruits is popular. Even as to nourishment is attractive not only I am delicious. Superior effects such as vitamin C or citric acid. ( summertime )

Ice Cream Menus | Sherbet - Grapefruit Citrus fruits

Ice Cream Menus | Sherbet - Citrus fruits: Grapefruit

* There are several kinds of other menus. *

Season menus

Season fruits are used.

Gosho persimmon

I use a homemade persimmon. ( About Nov. )

Atago persimmon

Local persimmons are used. ( About Dec. - Feb. )

Strawberry milk

Local fresh strawberries are used. ( About Mar. - Jun. )

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Local fresh Strawberry milk

Ice Cream Menus | Gelato - Fresh Strawberry milk


Local blueberries are used and it's said that it's good for eyes. ( About Jul. - Aug. )


Unique color is popular. ( About Aug. )


Flavor of a peach becomes more attractive more. ( About Aug. )


Local fig is used. ( About Sept. )

Handmade Gelato Menus

・Handmade Gelato of Popularity
Fresh milk, Strawberry milk, Blueberry, Sesame, Melon, Peach, Fig, Plum

・Sherbet Menu
Peach, Grapefruit, Peach and Nectarine

・Fruit Ice Cream
Citron, Mango, Banana chocolate, Apple Mango, Banana, Apple, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry

・Italian Gelato
Chocolate marble, Italian Coffee, Fruit of forest, Italian chocolate

・Vegetables Ice Cream
Pumpkin, Naruto kintoki, Fermented soybeans

・Recommend Gelato
Calpis, Green tea, Caramel, Cream cheese, Soybean flour, Cocoa,
Atago persimmon, Nectarine, Gosho persimmon

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