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Mutual Links, About a Link

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About a Mutual Links and to this site's Links Free: Guidance.
When you link, please mutual link contents after understanding.
The person who is asked for a mutual link contents after confirmation,
You can apply 相互リンク申し込み ( mutual link application ).: To Japanese site.

Ice Cream Gelato's store. It's popularity shop in Tokushima, Japan.
It's an official site of Handmade Gelato POCOAPOCO.

About Mutual Links to this site

Text link or banner use's link either is possible.

* From PC site ⇒ To PC site, * From mobile site ⇒ Please link to mobile site.
Please be careful not to make a mistake of mobile site resembling PC site in URL.

When it is linked to PC site, please link to PC site's top page as much as possible.
In addition, I am good even if linked to subpage.

When it is linked to PC site's top page, please link in the following URL.
TITLE アイスクリームはポコアポコ

Mutual links | Gelato, POCOAPOCO 88x31 pixel: It's the banner of this site. It stores an image, and please use it.

When it is mentioned an introduction sentence, please make it the following sentences.
As for it, editing of the following sentences is possible, too.

Introduction sentence ⇒ Ice Cream Gelato store. It's popularity shop in Tokushima, Japan.

Currently, if the URL or title of the link is incorrect, please change it as described above.

About a mutual link

As for the person asked for a mutual link to this site,
You can apply mutual link application.: To Japanese site.

It will link after confirmation.
By the contents of site, there is the case that a link is impossible of.
I don't do the thing's answer, please understand it.

Ice cream store in Japan.
Gelato of POCOAPOCO is popular gourmet.
For sightseeing / drive / events.


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Mutual Links, About a Link
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