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Point Cards Services
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Point Cards Services
Point Cards Services
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Point Cards Services
Point Cards Services
Point Cards Services!

Point Cards Services

Point Cards:Services, ( Ice cream and gelato ) I will get.

Ice Cream - japanPoint Cards Services
Tokushima Shikoku: Handmade Gelato Store Pocoapoco.

About point cards services

Gelato shop services ice cream with a point cards.
Every purchase, I serve the person who collected points without exception.

I collect points and try it.

I am publishing point cards now!
Point cards publishes it sequentially this year in last year.

Please order without point cards to salesclerks, I give a point cards at gelato purchase time.

Point cards stamp to double!
Thus I will make it easy to get presents.
I will show salesclerk a part of new URL http://www.poco7.com/i/english/ of top page ( Handmade gelato pocoapoco ) with a cellular phone. ( It is OK by PC/ mobile site )

Save is OK to a screen memo.
It OK it in a gelato carrying version new URL http://www.poco7.com/i/english/ indication part at the time of memory gills.

* Details about point cards and the services inform it at store.

Point cards: Question and Answer !

About a point cards, I mentioned the item which there was many of the inquiry from a visitor.

Q. There are several pieces point cards stamps, but can gather it up to one piece of point cards?
A. I can gather it up to one piece of point cards if I have a shop bring it.

Q. If expiration point cards date passes, does the point become invalid?
A. I will judge it by point cards contents if I have a shop bring it.

Q. Though point cards name are different, can you gather up the points to one piece of cards?
A. I can gather it up to one piece of point cards by contents if I have a shop bring it.

Handmade Gelato Menus

・Handmade Gelato of Popularity
Fresh milk, Strawberry milk, Blueberry, Sesame, Melon, Peach, Fig, Plum

・Sherbet Menu
Peach, Grapefruit, Peach and Nectarine

・Fruit Ice Cream
Citron, Mango, Banana chocolate, Apple Mango, Banana, Apple, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry

・Italian Gelato
Chocolate marble, Italian Coffee, Fruit of forest, Italian chocolate

・Vegetables Ice Cream
Pumpkin, Naruto kintoki, Fermented soybeans

・Recommend Gelato
Calpis, Green tea, Caramel, Cream cheese, Soybean flour, Cocoa,
Atago persimmon, Nectarine, Gosho persimmon

Ice Cream Store HP Menu

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Barrier FreeOsaka, Kobe, Okayama - Ice Cream Shop - Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi

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Route to Gelato Shop in Japan: POCO A POCO

We list the route from the following areas.

Tokushima, Kagawa - Ice Cream Shop - Osaka, Kobe, Okayama - Gelato Shop - Ehime, Kochi

Ice cream store in Japan.
Gelato of POCOAPOCO is popular gourmet.
For sightseeing / drive / events.


Point Cards Services
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