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It is ice cream and gelato specialty store of Tokushima in Japan.

Barrier-free Store: Guidance of barrier-free shop of the heart.

Shop supports barrier-free and has a physically handicapped person use it in peace heartily.

Shop considers barrier-free of the heart.

1. Barrier-Free Store: Entrance in the shop without step is reliable with a wheelchair.
Barrier-Free Store: Entrance
Barrier-Free Shop: Japan | Entrance

2. Barrier-free Store: Wheelchair can come to the store using a slope.
Barrier-Free Shop: Slope
Barrier-Free Correspondence: Slope

3. Shop supports barrier-free, and restroom entrance does not have a step.

4. Barrier-free restroom is inversion OK of the wheelchair.

5. When barrier-free restroom illumination opens a door, is automatic with a sensor; ON/OFF.

6. Restroom for barrier-free is automatic with a sensor from opening and shutting of the cover to water closet by Western style.

7. Remote controller for barrier-free. It can operate manual operation.

8. Barrier-free Store: Restroom remote controller of Braille can use the inconvenient one of eyes.
Barrier-Free Store
Raised Block

Barrier-Free Shop: Japan | Raised block

9. Barrier-free Store: Usage of restroom, Simple handling explanation.
Barrier-Free Store
Restroom of Heart

Barrier-Free Shop: Japan | Restroom of heart

Ice cream store in Japan.
Gelato of POCOAPOCO is popular gourmet.
For sightseeing / drive / events.


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Barrier-Free Store
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